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Why choose Home Collection?

Comfort & convenience – Worried about aged, bedridden, and difficulty in travelling; we are at your service with home collection facility at no extra cost*. The world is changing around you quite rapidly from need or necessity to comfort. Comfort comes with a change in the environment the way you would like to have. So, we have come up with specially designed home collection facility to serve you better.

Anywhere in Bengaluru – Living a life in a metropolitan city like Bengaluru throws its own challenges on health with respect to commuting, waiting time, queuing and so on. We understand your needs and concerns, and our home collection service is accessible anywhere in Bengaluru city.

Value-added services – Home collection comes with added benefits nullifying multiple challenges faced by patients and the need to plan and organize a lot of things straight from appointment, transport, time, and convenience. Home collection reduces it to make a call and get the test done at your desired location.

Save your travelling time – Is traffic annoying you? Smart solution is at your door steps. Book a test and our phlebotomist will come to your place and collect sample to process the tests.

Quicker response time – We understand the value for your time and we have always worked and will be working towards reducing the turnaround time of services delivered. This enables on-time delivery of reports, and early diagnosis to expedite the patient’s recovery.

Quality service – We at ChanRe Diagnostic Laboratory, a NABL-accredited lab, value the quality and accuracy of the diagnosis. Our experience for more than a decade, implementation of stringent quality control, adoption of multiple level checks and automated systems to neutralize the manual error, and the use of state-of-the-art technology in processing samples have helped us to maintain the highest quality, standard, and accuracy.

Hassle-free service delivery – Our approach to healthcare is customer-centric and we strive towards achieving excellency by removing all processes that are time consuming and do not add value for accurate diagnosis.

Email Reporting – Your test result reports will be dispatched through email as soon as the test is run and reports are authenticated by our team of highly qualified pathologist, which ensures you need not come to our center for report collection.

Disclaimer: *Terms & conditions apply.